We had an Elf, he was rarely on a shelf...

This was the third year that our family has had the pleasure of having an elf come for the month of December.  Each year is a different elf, each elf does things differently, I'm not into the creepy "elf is watching you" stuff so we just don't do it that way.

This year, our elf was named Zeke and he was always being silly...

1. Showed up on Red (our stuffed reindeer) with a note explaining who he was.
2. The girls had written him a note back and left him some cookies, so he was caught making a mess of the cookies.
3. Drew in white-board marker on some photos... glasses, mustaches, etc.
4. Caught hanging outside the window, must have locked himself out
5. Read a story to some Barbies (Barbies not pictured)
6. Switched our stockings for underwear
7. Toilet papered the Christmas tree
8. Caught hanging from some furniture

9. Wrote a message in M&Ms
10. Locked himself in Toby's crate
11. Fishing in the potty with a candy cane, turned the water blue
12. Hiding in a cabinet, wearing glow bracelets

13. Completed a homework page, did it wrong but wrote 100% on the top
14. Brought a family movie for everyone to enjoy
15. Made a flour angel
16. Hid inside a glass in the cabinet
17. Hanging out with friends
18. Hanging upside down on our Christmas banner (Made by A Hint of Whimsy!!)
19.Took a bath (or just made a bed) out of marshmallows
20. Hid in the tree
And then see below for the last few days... 

This year was fun and really took minimal effort aside from picking up a few treats and small gifts which were totally optional.  The girls enjoyed just finding him every morning.  On the last day, along with the Barbies, he left a note explaining the real reason for Christmas.  He said he hoped they had fun, but reminded them to focus on Jesus and remember that we celebrate with gifts because the wise men brought gifts when Jesus was born.

This was our first elf that did something every day, the previous ones came just a few times throughout the month.  Each time we have an elf the girls discuss at great length that not everyone gets one and they never know what to expect... so it has been a fun tradition that can change each year.

**Most ideas for elf placement were found though searching Pintrest, or modified from an idea found there.  Although I would love to claim credit, most nights I scrambled to remember to place the elf**

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