Snow Day!!

We were hoping for a lot of snow for the day snow trip we were planning over Christmas vacation.  Last year we stayed at a cabin in Shaver for three days and the was absolutely NO SNOW... it was a major bummer!  So, when we had a nice storm the week before our planned trip, I was pretty excited!

Chains were required at the top of the four lane (for future reference) and we John and Brian did what we thought was a great job putting them on in just a few minutes.  There was even a 'mountain man' walking by with his dogs that looked at their handiwork and approved.  Off we went!

We found a spot to get out and look at the view when John saw that one of the chains was gone... what?!?!

How do you lose one chain and not even hear it?  Needless to say, we did just fine on the snow with just the one chain, however for sanity I wouldn't suggest it to anyone.

Off again we went to look for an acceptable snow play area... my criteria: not too busy, but not too deserted either, and a safe distance from the lake.

We found a good spot and were ready to go!  We had four snow toys between the six of us, so we shared and paired up with the girls, there was even a good area where we made our own little sled run.

After awhile, we stopped for a lunch break and headed down the road a little more towards Huntington Lake (sp?).  We found another area to play, but it seemed so much more chilly!  We didn't last in that area long, the snow was so cold when going down the sled run that it burned your face and both girls ended up in tears.  It was even too powdery to make any sort of acceptable snowman so we decided to call it a day, head home, and warm up our toes :)

Because of the crazy burning snow in the face, the girls say they don't like going to the snow now.  I know I can change their minds, however one snow trip per year is generally my limit.  While I think it is super beautiful and even fun to play in once in awhile, it is still frozen and tough to move in - not exactly something I would want to live in forever.  So, changing their minds might have to wait until next year!

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