Christmas Photo Booth Project

I am "Room Mom" in Hannah's class this year.  Room Mom duties can really be as heavy or light as you or the teacher of the class would like them to be.  Basically, I am the point person when it comes to the four parties throughout the year, I am in charge of getting volunteers for the carnival (held in October) and I try to coordinate a gift for the teacher for both her birthday and 'Teacher Appreciation Day'.  Beyond that, as room parent I can do as little or as much extra stuff as I would like.

This year, I had an idea that I was excited about and when I shared the thought with Hannah's teacher she was pretty excited as well... so I went with it!

Photo-booths seem to be all the rage the past few years for weddings, parties, etc... especially the make-it-yourself variety... and thanks to some fabulous ideas found via Pintrest... I developed this idea for a 'parent gift' for each student to give their parents this year.

Each student was able to choose three props, I took their photos, edited them into photo strips, and had them printed at Costco.  To take it a step further, John cut plywood boards to size and drilled holes in the tops, then I painted them a Christmas-y red color and used Collage Pauge  to attach the photo strips to the boards.  (Ok- yes, it sounds super involved, but really once you do a sort-of assembly line, it wasn't too bad at all!)

And, voila!  The final product :-)

And here are the props I used!  All were cut using my Silhouette machine, and hot glued to skewer sticks.

Merry Christmas to the parents in Hannah's class this year!!

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