Premiere Bridal Fashion Show | Gaga Chic

This was a fun event for the girls and a few of their friends...

Actually, Claire was the one asked by a local children's boutique, Gaga Chic, to participate in the Premiere Bridal fashion show featuring their clothing.  Once we went in for our fitting, Hannah was also given the opportunity to be involved in the day! The event was held at the Convention Center and there were several hundred people watching each of two shows that day!

Both of their dresses were beautiful ivory gowns and they had their hair done to include some vintage hair pieces... so fun!

I personally LOVED Claire's hairpiece... so pretty!
Claire, doing a 'pose' on the runway... yes it is her...even if you can barely see her, lol
And Hannah is doing a twirl here, again barely visible, but she is doing a great job!

Who knows if they will ever have this opportunity again, but they had a blast getting all dressed up for a fun Fashion Show!!

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