Happy Birthday Hannah

Dear Hannah,

Today you turn eight.  Eight is great!  I am so proud of the young lady you have become, your mature nature, and your funny and quirky personality.  I am blessed because I get to be your Mom!  I love having conversations with you.  They have sort of turned lately from me asking you questions about your day, to you asking questions about life and getting my thoughts on the happenings in your life.  You like to know the "plan" whether it be for the day or for the immediate future because you like to know what your day will look like.  You have an amazing sense of personal responsibility... many times making sure I remember about certain activities or deadlines we have coming up.  You are much like my own little assistant, but one that will surely call me out if I get forgetful!  You have also developed an appreciation of humor and sarcasm that rivals your Dad's... and I am not going to lie, you might be able to outwit us all in a few years!  All of the things you do and say and they way you look at life make you so uniquely YOU, and YOU are one AMAZING girl!

I like to reflect on your birthday at the year that has passed... and this year has been quite eventful as many of the previous years have been.  Since your last birthday you became a second grader, excelling in every aspect of school.  You have been so lucky to have a wonderful teacher this year that pushes you to go beyond the standard and onto your potential.  Your reading skills are amazing (reading Harry Potter right now!) and you have picked up on multiplication and division without even really being formally taught.  Every time I go into your classroom or ask you questions about your homework, I am impressed by your sponge-like brain!  You were asked to be a part of the 'High Five' group at school and were given extra work as a challenge...including a research report and plenty of time in the computer lab at the school!

You have continued to enjoy several extra curricular activities over the past year, adding another dance class and continuing your Jumpstart dance team.  You tried out basketball for a season, making several baskets and enjoying every moment of it!  Swimming has been a passion of yours as well, and I enjoyed watching you compete last summer in your second year on the Sanger Seals.  Another activity you tried out was Oral Interpretation at the school, where you did a fabulous job memorizing "More Parts" and performing in front of a PTC meeting full of parents.

As a family, it has been an eventful years as well... trips to the coast, Disneyland, Tahoe, and the snow were all a lot of fun...but the biggest event in our family was that you gained an UNCLE when your Aunt Regan married Brian last summer.  Brian is an amazing uncle, and loves hanging out with you girls!

You are very patient (most of the time) with your sister, and I am so thankful when I see the two of you working together and playing so nicely.  I may eat my words at some point, but you rarely fight.  I pray that relationship continues for the two of you forever.

I am so very thankful for you, Hannah... you are a wonderful kid!  I love seeing you grow up, change and become independent.  You are such a beautiful person inside and out and I love you to the moon and back times infinity!

Happy Birthday!

Love, Mom

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