Valentine Love

Happy Valentine's Day from the Frank family!  

Valentine's Day is a fun holiday for me, I really like holidays that don't take a whole lot of preparation in order to be fun and special.  Most years we call in a Me & Ed's heart shaped pizza and enjoy some candy and call it a day.  We didn't do that this year... it was a pretty crazy day.  Muffins with Mom, two class parties, and three hours of dance pretty much wore me out even for picking up a pizza and we decided to use a Groupon to a restaurant near to the girl's dance studio that was thankfully not busy at all.  

This year, the kids wanted to do their own Valentine cards... so I didn't come up with anything to crafty or over the top.  Hannah chose some Phineas and Ferb treats and Claire chose some gummy bracelets... Target choices: easy peasy.

I do have a tradition of taking a Valentine's day photo of the girls.  This year I was a bit lazy and almost decided against it.  There is something about a tradition though, it's hard to think about the future and know that there will be a gap if I don't do it again this year.  We went out for a little mini-session - I might try to share a few more from that later on.  

But for your viewing enjoyment, here are the previous four years worth of photos...





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