Well helllllllooooooo 2013!

Today is the 15th of January already and I just logged into my blog for the first time in weeks... just to realize that the email address I had attached to it had been compromised (fancy for 'mean people in Spain tried to hack into it') and it was saying the blog had been deleted... PANIC!

As much as I have not been on my blog over the past several months and as spotty as my posing sprees can be, I absolutely LOVE my blog and the way it helps me track our life.

Well, because you are reading this, you can see it was a fairly simple fix and here I am yet again posting about my lack in posting...lol.

I was so ready for 2013 to get here.  2012 was a fun year full of much excitement, fun times, my sister's beautiful wedding and some wonderful family time full of growth and change and happiness, but it was also a year with a few things I would like to move away from.  Sometimes that turn of a calendar can give you just that new perspective you need.

I am looking at January as a month of re commitment to several things that gotten out of control over the last several months.  (Eating clean and my daily exercise are making a reappearance!) I feel so blessed to have a little bit of time to recover from the craziness that was inevitable during the last three months of last year.

Much of our past year still needs to be posted, written about, documented.  2012 was a definite year of growth and conversation about where we are and where we would like to be.  It was a year of figuring out our real dreams and looking seriously at the steps it will take to achieve those goals, be they for the year or in the next ten.

So hello there 2013.  Your presence alone has me thinking positively and I can't wait to see the amazing things that you will bring!

**Edited to add- I am back dating a lot of the posts around this post so they show up as they actually happened, and not as I am getting the time (slowly but surely) to post them :-)**

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Kristin Lofgren said...

I am so glad you are back! I was worried that you had decided to really delete your blog. :)