What do they call this... Candy Cane Lane - Clovis???

So we headed out to the Candy Cane lane type neighborhood out in Clovis. Alluvial and Peach (If there is a name for this neighborhood, please let me know...) The thought was to get out there early as to avoid the traffic, and *hopefully* see Santa. Little did we know we had perfect timing! Santa comes at 6:30 and we started walking around 6:10. We were done walking just as Santa got there and we were able to see him before the line, and get out of the neighborhood just before it got busy. I am writing this as a note to self next year to remember this, and hopefull to help out anyone else wanting to head out and check this AWESOME neighborhood out. Almost EVERY house is decorated, and most go ALL OUT! Made us sort of wish our neighborhood did this... and then I thought of all the cars that would be coming in, and I changed my mind (sort of :), te he)
Of course Claire wanted nothing to do with the stroller, was cold, and hungry... so John snapped this picture in rememberance of Claire's evening.

Hannah wanted nothing to do with the camera, but LOVED the lights and all the fun deorations. She even learned how to spell "Noel"... L-E-O-N :) She read the letters from the wrong diretion.This is my favorite house. It has a big bow wrapped around the front, but I love these ornaments for the lawn. I saw them at Home Depot and made a mental note to check the day after Christmas for a sale...

I thought this tree was beautiful too. How long must it take them to wrap it? Do they keep it like this all year? These are the questions I have.

I guess I will try for another post with the big jolly guy, or we might try to get a few better pictures at the mall. John is off for the next 16 days! Woo Hoo!


Kelly said...

We made the trek to Candy Cane lane also last night. Except we rode in the car - cheating I know. Maybe next year....

How wonderful that John is off! What a blessing. You guys have fun and very merry Christmas!

Carrie K said...

Your girls' eyes are incredible!! Gorgeous pictures Whit. Hannah looks a lot like you when you were that age:) I'll let you know when we'll be in California next. Will you be in the midwest anytime? Love you,