Happy Birthday Claire

Dear Claire,

Happy Birthday!  Today you turn eight... and I truly couldn't be more proud of the girl you are and the sweet little lady you are becoming.  I know I could probably write that in every letter to you, but it is true!  You are so kindhearted, loving, imaginative, competitive, silly, smart, and beautiful!  There are so many things about your personality that make you so uniquely YOU and YOU are truly an amazing kid!

One of my favorite things about you at this age is how imaginative you are!  I love finding little notes, photos, and stories around the house.  You are also amazing at making birthday cards for everyone in the family and making them feel special with the funny things your write to them.  We often wonder where you are when we haven't seen you in awhile, and find you in your room playing Barbie, with your Build-a-Bears (Miranda, T-Bone, and Aaliyah), or sitting at your desk creating. We like to call it "Claire time" because it's just you and your imagination, and we just love that about you.

You are involved in quite a few activities these days... in the past year you have gone from one gymnastics class per week to two...adding in a back handspring class.  We are always amazed by what you can do, mainly because no one else in the family is nearly as flexible or agile as you are. You also take a jazz (musical theater) dance class and played basketball, softball, and swimming. Then, just this week you did a cheer camp and I think you really enjoyed that as well.  I know you will succeed in anything you choose in the future, but for now I am loving watching you discover all the choices and opportunities we are so lucky to have.

In school you have truly excelled and Daddy and I couldn't be more proud.  You work hard, period. You were selected to be in an advanced reading group and you earned all A's throughout the school year!  You were also blessed to have the same amazing teacher for two years in a row and I know she was so proud to see your growth in the classroom as well.

There are so many fun things to remember from the past year!  We did a summer bucket list last summer and went on several adventures to the beach, a few trips to Tahoe (bungee trampoline!), and to Yuba City to camp (glamp) and celebrate Greg's birthday.  Then, over Christmas break we went to San Luis Obispo to celebrate New Years with the Debbas family.  While we were there you learned to ice skate for the first time.  Those, along with many adventures here near home have really made for a fun year.  I hope you remember these adventures and the fun we have together as a family!

There are so many reasons eight is really, really great... and one of them is that YOU are eight!  I am so incredibly lucky that God gave us you as our daughter, Claire.  You make me laugh, and your heart warms my heart.  You challenge me to live just a little bit outside my comfort zone because you already understand how important that is.  Thank you for being the amazing little girl you are!

I can't wait to see what this year, and many many more have in store for you!

I love you!



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