New Years Selfie

I'm not a huge fan of the "selfie"... I honestly am so critical of what I see when I turn the camera on myself, it's just best usually to direct the camera at others.  Well, one of the things on the long list of projects (both inward and outward) I want to work on this year is being in front of the camera and documenting our life more on a daily basis.  I follow several people on Instagram that set the timer on their phone (app necessary) and see what it captures.  Hello real, raw, unedited LIFE! So, here it is.  I walked outside and took a "selfie"... Next up, using my phone camera for good (documenting life) and not evil (stalking Pinterest, Facebook, etc).  
Hello 2014!  I have high hopes for some pretty wonderful, positive, happy things this year, I hope you all do to!  


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