First Day | Back to School 2013

It is that time of year, time to head back to school!!  To say the girls were excited would be quite an understatement.  We felt like we had successfully "done" summer (hopefully some updates on that coming soon) and the last few weeks were pretty lazy... just like summer days should be!  But, as the teacher assignments came in and the school supplies started showing up at Target, the conversation turned to excitement over which friends would be in their classes, what would be different about this year and last year, and the little things about school that they have missed over the summer.

Thankfully, I have two incredible girls that truly LOVE to learn and enjoy school!

Hannah is starting third grade.  She is looking forward to learning to write in cursive, go on several field trips, and to having the same teacher that she did last year!  She has set some personal goals for herself of getting straight A's all year and finishing all of her Math Facts by the end of the first quarter... With this being her 4th year at the same school, she feels pretty confident in knowing the routine and expectations.  In her words, this is going to be a great year!

Claire is starting first grade.  She is looking forward to being at school all day and all the fun things that come along with that... two recesses, eating lunch at school, recess with the second graders!  She doesn't quite understand what all she will be expected to do in the classroom, but is eager to learn, and I have a feeling she will enjoy all of the first grade work as much as her sister did!  I am kind of nervous for her about the adjustment of being at school for 7 hours, but she has always been fairly easy at adapting and going with the flow.  Once we get back on a good bedtime schedule, I think the longer day will be awesome for her!

Having two kids in school ALL DAY will be an adjustment for me as well.  I am so used to picking Claire up from school mid-day and having her around as my lunch buddy or to bug me in the afternoon about when we would be picking up her sister.  While I know many parents (myself included) count down the days until they will be able to have chunk of time to themselves, it is also a transition to a completely different season of life and in some ways is bittersweet.

I will update on the first day/week of school soon, Happy FIRST DAY to all!

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