Claire's Kindergarten Awards

Kindergarten is winding down, and it is such a bittersweet feeling as a parent.  I LOVE that my kids are growing and changing, yet it is sad to say good-bye to certain seasons of life.  

Claire worked very hard this year!  She has grown academically by leaps and bounds.  She has become a reader and writer, learned how to write all of her numbers, and count to 100+. She earned a "sustained mastery" rating on all the categories they grade in Kindergarten... and we are so proud of her!

Kindergartners at our school can earn four awards.  

1. ABC award: Write, read, and recognize all ABC's
2. 123 award: Write and recognize to 30 and count to 100
3. Spelling Bee award: Know how to read and spell correctly their 35 sight words
4. Principal's Reading Award: Read a (certain level) book to the principal.

Claire earned all four awards, and was recognized in a ceremony with the principal...

They sang a few songs...

And took a few pictures with their family and teacher :-)

 Nanny and Poppy were able to come and see Claire's ceremony...
We were sad that Daddy was out of town and couldn't celebrate, but so so proud of Claire and excited to be moving up to the big First Grade!!

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