Aruba - Part Two

As I mentioned in my previous post, John and I are not world travelers.  Really, I feel as though California offers so many awesome places to go, I rarely feel the itch to get away.  After this trip, I can honestly say I feel differently... not about California (I love it here)...but about my opinion on travel.  There are so many interesting things out there, and I am excited to make plans to explore a bit more.

Aruba is most definitely designed for tourists, but we did manage to get away and explore some really wonderful places both on and off the resort.  

This right here was my view for the first few hours of our first day... we spent the morning relaxing out under a hut umbrella.

Then we moved to the pool area (we stayed at the Aruba Marriott: Stellaris Casino for the first few days of our stay) where we sampled a few beverages from the swim-up pool bar.

We also had several encounters with some reptilian friends... This guy was pretty small compared to some of the others, but he wanted to bug us during breakfast so I had to take his photo.

We decided to rent a car and explore a little on our second day...

We headed all the way to the south end of the island to Baby Beach... so, so beautiful!

John stacked some rocks :-)

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